About Us

John Haughey
Managing Partner

Experienced international executive with over thirty three (33) years working & living in USA, Asia, and Europe.

John Haughey held senior executive positions at
  • Seagate Technology - VP APAC Sales
  • Conner Peripherals - Senior VP Sales
  • Optical Research Inc. - CEO
  • Peak Plastic Inc. Senior VP Business Development & Sales
  • Samsung USA - Senior VP US Sales
  • AMD Senior Advisor & Chief-of-Staff Greater China
  • BluStor PMC Inc. VP Global operations
  • Brookstone Group Inc. Founder & Managing Partner
  • Guest Lecture Peking University, Guanghau School of Management Beijing China.

Merle Garo
Finance Director

Joined Brookstont Group when the company launched in 2002. Prior to joining Brookstone, Merle managed the finance teams at the Augusta Group Inc, and Private Labels Executive Gifts 

Brookstone Group LLC. 
Texas Corporation

Finis Conner 
Senior Advisor
Co-Founder Seagate Technology Inc.
Co-Founder Conner Peripherals Inc. 
Finis Conner bringing substantial experience to Companies bringing unique and disruptive solutions to high growth market opportunities.
Finis is widely credited for having built 2 of the fastest growing technology companies in U.S.. history!
  • A hands-on senior executive responsible for overseeing all company operations, staff and execution of the organization's short and long-term objectives.
  • In 1979, Finis co-founded Seagate Technology. Seagate grew to $1B in revenue by 1987 and has dominated the hard disk industry for nearly four decades.
  • In 1986, Finis launched the 3 ½-inch hard drive at Conner Peripherals, growing to $1.4 billion in sales in only its fourth year, and $2.7 billion in its tenth.

Chris Carr JD
California Polytechnic State University
Visiting Professor Peking University
Guanghau School of Management

Dr Su Qing Xin 
HTB Innovation Investment

Vincent Ooi 
Singapore Regional Advisor